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Troy - Fri 22 Nov - 16:37

ok its back online. for more testing

Troy - Fri 22 Nov - 16:22

live camera is back up for testing. might go off again here in a few

Troy - Fri 22 Nov - 15:27

I should have it back up before dark

Troy - Fri 22 Nov - 15:26

Im going to be messing with the live camera. Might go offline for a few.

Anj - Fri 22 Nov - 00:03

Thank you!

Troy - Thu 21 Nov - 20:13

ok the live camera is back online for the night. I need to do some more fixing tomorrow afternoon

Troy - Thu 21 Nov - 18:35

Working on testing a new computer for the live webcam.

Troy - Tue 19 Nov - 16:23

Anj, right now we are getting snow and rain. I will get the live camera back online asap.

Anj - Tue 19 Nov - 00:21

Hello, Can you please have a look at the live cam, it's not working and the forecast is looking good.

Troy - Fri 15 Nov - 19:01

The live camera is back online.

Troy - Thu 14 Nov - 17:43

Live cam is offline. I believe the issue is related to the high winds and snow. I won’t be able to fix it until tomorrow after work.

Troy - Tue 12 Nov - 21:14

ok. Thanks for the feedback. I hope they fixed it for good this time.

PresB01 - Tue 12 Nov - 20:14

live is working as far as i can tell..

Troy - Tue 12 Nov - 19:53

someone else let me know if its working for you? I'll check back before bed

Troy - Tue 12 Nov - 19:36

ok the live camera is back online.

Troy - Tue 12 Nov - 19:24

Live camera is still offline. Im working with support to figure out what's up

Troy - Tue 12 Nov - 17:10

Having a server issue. Might take me a few hours to figure this out.

PresB01 - Sat 9 Nov - 21:42

its going to look the same judith until the lights are out really good!

Myra - Fri 8 Nov - 18:05

Thanks Troy

Troy - Fri 8 Nov - 15:22

Just restarted the servers.

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