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AKPaeony - Wed 1 Dec - 00:55

Ok I'll try and send it by email.

Troy - Mon 29 Nov - 09:46

Ak, can you send me a photo of what your talking about. I’m not sure I 100% understand. Also your internet browser. I will try to fix it for you.

Myra - Sat 27 Nov - 17:48

Pretty color lower right side

AKPaeony - Fri 26 Nov - 20:04

Troy, this is what I see. The box to the right of the webcam window (Fairbanks temp.) is fine when in free mode but is cut off on the right of the temperatures in live mode? Otherwise the webcam is working great!

Myra - Wed 24 Nov - 19:39

We have color

AKPaeony - Thu 18 Nov - 23:03

Oh I wish we could see the moon eclipse but there might be Auroras afterwards?

Myra - Sun 14 Nov - 04:56

Nice stream of color

Troy - Sat 13 Nov - 10:34

I had to restart the server it’s back. I’ll have to go go and clean off some snow later today

judithduft - Fri 12 Nov - 17:33

Stream unavailable?

Scribe - Thu 11 Nov - 02:58


Myra - Thu 4 Nov - 06:34

Very pretty 10:34 EST

Scribe - Thu 4 Nov - 01:41

Joy. But now clouds-drats.

JFHenderson822 - Sun 31 Oct - 05:11

Nice display this morning, in spite of the thin cloud cover.

AKPaeony - Tue 26 Oct - 20:18

Yes, Microsoft Edge working now full screen!

MikeShow - Mon 25 Oct - 02:09

Troy. I’m getting a moving image now. Thanks. Mike

Troy - Sun 24 Oct - 16:43

no Im back but its snowing. I'll try again later tonight if it clears up.

Troy - Sun 24 Oct - 12:38

im trying to change some setting to adjust the video quality. My wife is dragging me to town. Ill try to fix the jumping issue when i get back.

Troy - Sun 24 Oct - 10:40

Ok I will try to adjust some settings and see if I can fix it. I’m trying some new software so I haven’t figured it all out yet.

Scribe - Sun 24 Oct - 03:05

Also just still image on my iphone. (But an image, non-the-less.?)

MikeShow - Sun 24 Oct - 01:34

Troy I’m Only getting a still image on both my MacBook Pro and 2 different iPads.

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