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Myra - Sun 16 Jan - 06:26


george2624 - Sat 15 Jan - 18:12

The free webcam is working for me.

george2624 - Sat 15 Jan - 18:10

Is the live webcam working for you all?

george2624 - Sat 15 Jan - 18:10

Is the live webcam working for you all?

Troy - Wed 5 Jan - 01:12

Camera is be online. Let’s hope we have some good weather for a change

Troy - Sun 2 Jan - 22:31

The snow and ice storm has knocked out the internet to the camera. I’m going to call them tomorrow to try to get a eta on restoration.

Myra - Tue 28 Dec - 17:11

Thanks for all you do

Troy - Tue 28 Dec - 16:04

Lots of people still without power. After work slows down I’ll clean the stuff off the camera.

Myra - Sun 26 Dec - 07:58

Merry Christmas

Troy - Sat 25 Dec - 17:42

Major snow storm the next few days. I would expect that the power will go out to the camera. I’ll get it going again in the next few days after this storm moves through

Troy - Wed 22 Dec - 19:11

Ok I fixed the damage and we are back online.

Troy - Tue 21 Dec - 06:51

Still working on the snow storm. I hope to get up today Tuesday to get the power back on.

Troy - Sun 19 Dec - 23:00

Major snow storm and power outages. It should be back online tomorrow

Troy - Thu 16 Dec - 20:03

and snow tonight

Troy - Thu 16 Dec - 07:24

Update backfired. Should be ok now

Troy - Wed 15 Dec - 20:23

updating some software. if it breaks Ill have it back on soon.

Troy - Wed 15 Dec - 19:58

what a pain. they changed the email server and all the emails are not going through. I think i got it fixed though.

Troy - Wed 15 Dec - 19:41

ok. I got the email. For some reason its not downloading them all to my phone or computer.

Troy - Wed 15 Dec - 19:19

i shouldn't matter if it is capitalized or not. Did not receive the email. Did you get the email I sent to your account? Im going to check around on the server to see if something is setup wrong,

AKPaeony - Sat 11 Dec - 21:33

I sent another email with screen shots. Does it matter if Troy is capitalized or lower case? Whatever adjustment you made the first time moved it over to the left too much so if you can bump it back it might line it up better? Hope this helps.

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