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george2624 - Fri 24 Sep - 18:26

Hopefully the live cam will be back up soon! Hoping for aurora!

Myra - Wed 22 Sep - 16:47

I hope it is sooner

Troy - Tue 21 Sep - 20:39

I contacted the phone company to see what the eta was on the new internet connection. They said they have to finish 2 jobs before they get to me. He said he thinks it will be 2 weeks for them to get me hooked up.

Troy - Tue 14 Sep - 20:53

Just to give everyone an update. I’m still waiting for the new internet company to install the new internet. The last I talked with them they said ASAP. That was a few days ago. More news soon I hope.

Troy - Thu 9 Sep - 06:16

I see you just joined. Would you like a refund? Please email me if you would like. My email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Troy - Thu 9 Sep - 06:14

Yes. I just had a new power service installed. I’m currently waiting for a new DSL high speed connection from the phone company. I talked with them yesterday. They are going to give me a ETA on when it will be installed hopefully today.

xuwanxin150 - Wed 8 Sep - 23:40

is the webcam down right now?

Myra - Wed 8 Sep - 06:16

Good job can't wait

Troy - Sun 5 Sep - 20:43

New service should be hooked up tomorrow. I need to call about the new DSL line. Should be by the end of the week maybe?

Troy - Sun 29 Aug - 19:05

more news after i get more done

Troy - Sun 29 Aug - 19:05

installed the pole and anchor today. Need to finish the panel tomorrow. I hope to have power by the end of the week. We will have to see how long it takes to get hooked up after I finish.

AKPaeony - Wed 25 Aug - 02:13

That sounds great. Will Keep my fingers crossed for you.

Myra - Tue 24 Aug - 18:03

Thanks for the update

Troy - Mon 23 Aug - 21:01

just a update for everyone. The new power pole goes in this Saturday and soon after DSL internet. This will be a major improvement for the site. Right now with the current time schedule I hope to be back online October 1st.

Myra - Sun 15 Aug - 11:19

I just sign on today. I will keep checking back!

Troy - Sun 8 Aug - 22:02

I have cleared the trees. I hope to install a new power pole in the next week. After that we should be up and running. It took a little longer than expected to get the permit for the new power pole worked out. I will try to update again soon

AKPaeony - Sat 7 Aug - 01:32

There are 129 guests tonight but as a paid member I can't get a clear view of either feed? Hopefully you have a fix?

AKPaeony - Fri 6 Aug - 00:37

Hey Troy how is it going with the live cam? Any update for the coming year?

Troy - Sun 13 Jun - 12:22

Due to almost 24 hour daylight the chance to see the aurora is slim to none until sometime in August. I will try to keep the cameras going through the summer. Currently I’m having a issue with my internet. So the live camera is offline.

Myra - Thu 6 May - 16:34

Thanks Troy

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