Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What time of the year can you see the auroras?
A: The aurora can be seen year round in different parts of the world. Here is Fairbanks our aurora season is between the end of August and the first of May. During the summer months we have lots of daylight and aurora would not be visible. Around 2o hours of straight daylight during the solstice.
Q: What time of the night is it best to see the aurora?
A: Well any time its dark and the sky is clear you have a pretty good chance. There is a going theory that 2hours before and after midnight is a peak time to see the aurora due to the fact that the sun is directly opposite our location on the earth. This would increase the "likelihood" that the aurora will be pushed down from the pole by solar winds (from the sun) push on the earths magnetic field. Though I have seen the aurora at all hours of the night and morning.
Q: Where do you go to see the aurora?
A: Some place dark is the short answer. Fairbanks Alaska is a ideal location to see the aurora. Also there is many of winter events, sightseeing, and other things to do while your running around during the daytime waiting for the night to come again.
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Q: Do you know about the daytime camera?
A: It is a wonderful picture looking south. You can see how beautiful it is a Mt. Aurora any day of the year.