Today I have updated a lot of the backend for the website. Also I added a new forums and a chat box to go with the aurora webcam.  Last week I improved some settings on the webcam and now it is looking better than ever.  Now on a stary night it is very easy to pick out the Big Dipper and the North Star. Please E-mail me if anyone is having problems. -Troy


Troy - Fri 3 Apr - 21:52

on i can see the very tip of the tree on lower right

Troy - Fri 3 Apr - 21:51

pretty heavy snow predicted tonight. I don't think there will be much to look at.

Troy - Wed 1 Apr - 20:03

almost forgot to restart it :@ sorry guys. its back online now.

Troy - Wed 1 Apr - 14:25

Restarting the live camera

yogisworld - Sun 29 Mar - 04:14

Simply stunning. Thank you Troy for being able to watch something so beautiful.

Troy - Sun 29 Mar - 00:21

wow the aurora is doing awesome tonight

AKPaeony - Sat 28 Mar - 22:47

The original video is 56 MB in case you want that version?

Troy - Sat 28 Mar - 13:22

The video does indeed look like a Raven. Im going to see if i can post it so everyone else can look at it if they want.

AKPaeony - Fri 27 Mar - 23:29

I don't know? The head was too small for a owl and too spastic where it didn't stop moving. (I've sent Troy to video I look of my computer screen)

Troy - Thu 26 Mar - 23:06

Could’ve been a owl.

Troy - Thu 26 Mar - 23:05

Not likely a Raven at 2:30am. Ravens roost together in a tree at night. Last year I had a pet fox that would hang around when I went up to the camera. Or could be a person. If it’s a person they normally have a light.

AKPaeony - Thu 26 Mar - 03:16

it's a Raven sitting in the same spot trying to spot food running by. Hope it's finds something.

AKPaeony - Thu 26 Mar - 02:39

Either there was a Raven by the camera or a person? Time 2:38 am?

Myra - Sun 22 Mar - 02:14

Oh so pretty love the colors

MikeShow - Thu 19 Mar - 13:13

Thanks Troy.

Troy - Thu 19 Mar - 12:20

Just restarted the server. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. This weekend I plan in testing some software/ hardware for the webcam. I’ll let you know before I make changes.

Troy - Mon 9 Mar - 20:59

I cleaned off the camera and now it’s snowing again

Troy - Tue 3 Mar - 20:53

ok. everything is back to normal. I will mess more with it at a later date.

Troy - Tue 3 Mar - 20:24

well unless the aurora comes out. Then ill just leave it

Troy - Tue 3 Mar - 20:24

camera is back on. after the kids go to bed im going to mess with the settings some more.

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