There is a very good chance of aurora activity the next few nights due to a massive Solar Mass Ejection.  Though we will only have a few hours of darkness i have turned on the aurora webcam in hopes that we will see some good auroras tonight.  Sadly we have a wildfire ( see smoke in daytime webcam) that is blowing smoke up from the South.  Any members that see auroras tonight please E-mail me a report of what you saw.  Happy Aurora Watching!  -Troy
MikeShow - Fri 27 Nov - 02:02

Same here Judith.

judithduft - Thu 26 Nov - 21:13

Stream unavailable tonight?

Myra - Sun 22 Nov - 17:44

Pretty sky

MikeShow - Sat 21 Nov - 08:05

It’s back now.

MikeShow - Sat 21 Nov - 07:06

I’ve lost the stream now. Anyone else the same?

george2624 - Sat 21 Nov - 06:49

Thanks Troy! Live cam looks perfect again!

Anj - Sat 21 Nov - 05:51

Thanks Troy!

Myra - Sat 21 Nov - 04:13


AKPaeony - Fri 20 Nov - 23:16

Thanks, glad you had a back camera, much better.

Anj - Fri 20 Nov - 22:46

YAY!!! Thanks Troy!

Troy - Fri 20 Nov - 21:56

ok everything is back to normal. I'll do some more testing on the new system.

Troy - Fri 20 Nov - 21:54

ok changing back to the old camera. I'll work on the new one some more. I thought the quality would be better.

AKPaeony - Thu 19 Nov - 20:35

Then again the free feed is better.

AKPaeony - Thu 19 Nov - 20:11

Yes, finally not 2 in the morning! I put the live feed at full screen last night and the picture was a little better. Should be a good night.

george2624 - Thu 19 Nov - 19:02

I'm sure Troy would fix it when he knows what's going on.

Anj - Thu 19 Nov - 18:15

But we pay an annual fee for the live webcam?

george2624 - Thu 19 Nov - 18:14

Looks like it will be an active night. The live cam still doesn't look right, so will be watching the free cam.

Myra - Thu 19 Nov - 03:15

Working for me

Anj - Thu 19 Nov - 00:00

Could the camera please be checked at your earliest convenience. The free cam and live cam used to have a similar image and quality, he live cam is now not watchable.

AKPaeony - Wed 18 Nov - 01:54

yes very noisy.

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