I'm currently moving the membership database to a new version of the website that I'm building. If by chance your getting spammed by E-mails please let me know. I'm sorry in advanced. -Troy
Troy - Sun 13 Jun - 12:22

Due to almost 24 hour daylight the chance to see the aurora is slim to none until sometime in August. I will try to keep the cameras going through the summer. Currently I’m having a issue with my internet. So the live camera is offline.

Myra - Thu 6 May - 16:34

Thanks Troy

Troy - Thu 6 May - 10:38

Going to restart the streaming sever after work. Should be on before dark.

AKPaeony - Sat 1 May - 21:33

Can see again thanks Troy.

MikeShow - Sat 1 May - 20:32

Looking good with me. Thanks Troy.

Troy - Sat 1 May - 19:55

let me know how it’s working for you?

Troy - Sat 1 May - 19:54

I was able to get some temporary internet going. I’m not sure how stable this will be. I will check on the cameras soon to see if they are still going. I will update here if something happens again.

Myra - Sat 1 May - 16:18

Ok Thanks

Troy - Sat 1 May - 12:24

Heading up to the camera site today to try to get some type of temporary network installed enough to run the cameras.

Troy - Thu 29 Apr - 20:16

2” of snow forecast tomorrow. Still no word from ISP. I’m calling around for another. I can’t go with the new one I just called as I need to install a new service pole.

AKPaeony - Wed 28 Apr - 23:58

Troy, it looks like you've tried your best and I'm certain that you'll find a solution. Be thankful that most people are busy diverting water and the sky hasn't been that active with a full moon and longer day light. 4 ' of snow = problems :)

Troy - Tue 27 Apr - 15:14

No reply from ISP (Internet service provider) Trying to find backup or alternate. This could take days. I will post more when I get some answers. I’m sorry everyone.

Troy - Sun 25 Apr - 20:39

Internet is still out at the camera site. I’ve tried to call tech support. No reply. Hopefully since tomorrow is Monday I can get it going again and back online. Otherwise I’ll need to find a new internet company. Sorry everyone.

Troy - Sat 24 Apr - 22:05

I'll try to go out and point it at some aurora later

Troy - Sat 24 Apr - 22:03

Currently running a setup from home since internet is down at the cam site

Troy - Sat 24 Apr - 22:01

For some reason the internet is down at the camera site. I’m not sure how well this is going to work.

Troy - Sat 24 Apr - 12:21

Live cam is offline for a few. I’ll get it going before it gets dark

Troy - Tue 20 Apr - 21:15

Ok it’s going. I’m going to walk away.

Troy - Tue 20 Apr - 19:35

i broke it. ill have to go up and restart it again

Troy - Tue 20 Apr - 19:14

still playing with there server. its offline for a few mins

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