The aurora viewing season here in Fairbanks has ended. Our last guests have gone. Currently I'm working on some upgrades to the site. Some of these upgrades are cosmetic others are hidden behind the scene. This summer I plan on taking the site offline for a few days to make some long over due database changes. I hope this will improve in site performance. More news soon. -Troy

Troy - Wed 8 Apr - 18:03

KP level is up. If it’s clear we should see some aurora tonight.

Troy - Wed 8 Apr - 16:46

ok. back online. Good news I was able to get a new day time camera. When i get a chance to get up to the camera i will get it back online

Troy - Wed 8 Apr - 16:43

going to restart the live camera.

Troy - Sun 5 Apr - 22:17

I have standby this weekend for work. I should be able to talk more Monday evening. Please let me know if you have any more questions. Post them here or email them to me. I’m going to try to get some sleep before work calls me again. Cya soon!

Troy - Sun 5 Apr - 22:13

After that you have to check the local forecast. Normally if the sky is clear and the stars are out you have a pretty good chance of seeing “some” aurora. If you time it when we are having a solar storm then it can be a lot better

Troy - Sun 5 Apr - 22:10

Hi guys! Welcome new members. I just got done with a very long shift at the day job. I personally use They do a pretty good job of letting you know when big solar storms are coming. I think I’m using the free newsletter email.

Donnacole1 - Sun 5 Apr - 14:31

Thanks Myra?

Myra - Sun 5 Apr - 14:05

Soft serve news lets you know!

sofiavides - Sun 5 Apr - 13:09

Hey guys! Loving the page :)! How can I know when it is more likely to see the lights? How “far” in advance can you know?

Myra - Sun 5 Apr - 07:01

It has been snowing at the cam. That is why you can't see

Donnacole1 - Sun 5 Apr - 06:55

I am new to the page so I’m not sure what we are suppose to be seeing. So far I’ve only viewed the same cloudy picture, does it change?

Troy - Fri 3 Apr - 21:52

on i can see the very tip of the tree on lower right

Troy - Fri 3 Apr - 21:51

pretty heavy snow predicted tonight. I don't think there will be much to look at.

Troy - Wed 1 Apr - 20:03

almost forgot to restart it :@ sorry guys. its back online now.

Troy - Wed 1 Apr - 14:25

Restarting the live camera

yogisworld - Sun 29 Mar - 04:14

Simply stunning. Thank you Troy for being able to watch something so beautiful.

Troy - Sun 29 Mar - 00:21

wow the aurora is doing awesome tonight

AKPaeony - Sat 28 Mar - 22:47

The original video is 56 MB in case you want that version?

Troy - Sat 28 Mar - 13:22

The video does indeed look like a Raven. Im going to see if i can post it so everyone else can look at it if they want.

AKPaeony - Fri 27 Mar - 23:29

I don't know? The head was too small for a owl and too spastic where it didn't stop moving. (I've sent Troy to video I look of my computer screen)

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