This morning the sun ejected a X5-class solar flare towards the Earth. Goddard Space Weather Lab experts believe the CME will reach Earth on March 8th 0625 UT (+/- 7 hrs) Experts also believe that this CME could cause strong to severe geomagnetic storms. They said sky watchers at ALL LATITUDES should be alert for auroras. From the last statement I would recommend to all viewers that it maybe a good idea to try to find a dark place to view the aurora.  Currently we are having a snow storm here in Fairbanks Alaska. The forecast is calling for cloudy or partly cloudy skies for the rest of the week. If there is a strong aurora we maybe able to see it between a break in the clouds. More news to come soon. -Troy

AKPaeony - Thu 29 Sep - 00:03

Oh my gosh I see red!

Anj - Mon 26 Sep - 03:50

Thank you Myra!

Myra - Mon 26 Sep - 03:48

Hope somebody is seeing this pretty

Myra - Thu 8 Sep - 05:09

So pretty 4am est

MikeShow - Thu 1 Sep - 01:11

Still working fine with me thanks Troy.

Troy - Wed 31 Aug - 18:17

just updated a few things on the site. hopefully it will speed things up a little.

Myra - Tue 30 Aug - 03:15

WOW pretty movement - Mon 29 Aug - 00:41

Wow! Absolutely amazing.

AKPaeony - Mon 29 Aug - 00:10

Looking good from my valley.

Troy - Sun 28 Aug - 23:58

Nice aurora right now on the camera

Troy - Tue 16 Aug - 18:52

I’m updating some software to see if it will fix the issue. I’ll have it back on here shortly - Tue 16 Aug - 07:52

Is the live camera frozen? It seems to have looked the same for me for the past 2 days.

MikeShow - Sun 14 Aug - 05:28

Thanks Troy. Look forward to that.

AKPaeony - Sat 13 Aug - 21:46

Looks great so thanks. Saw a little bit of Aurora last night but had to go to bed at 1:30am.

Troy - Sat 13 Aug - 15:38

Ok. Things are back online. I’m fighting some computer updates and a minor electrical issue. I hope to get those fixed before the snow flys

Myra - Fri 12 Aug - 04:30

Troy knows having computer problems

AKPaeony - Thu 11 Aug - 21:42

Live stream not working & free stream is not current?

JFHenderson822 - Fri 29 Jul - 06:57

Hooray! Inching back into nautical twilight. Won't be more than a month now till there will be dark enough.

george2624 - Fri 22 Jul - 18:46

Hoping to see aurora soon!

Myra - Wed 25 May - 15:24

always watching thanks for doing the cam

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