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Moonlight Aurora | Robots of Doom | Photos

The last 3 days we have had some very nice moon light auroras. Please look at the videos in the archive for Monday, Tus, and Todays (Wednesday).  Currently I'm still having some high ping issues with my connection to my ISP. This high ping issue will sometimes knock my Live Camera offline and require a restart. Yesterday I recieved my parts for my "home made robot of doom"  yes of doom!   The plan is to make a pan and tilt mount for the aurora webcam that I can control for my PC.  Ideally sometime in the future I will have control from the website. Right now the jury is still out to give control to members or not. Below are a few of my favorite photos from the last few days. I didn't want to fill the whole page up with photos so please click the Read More link. -Troy


moonlight aurora

moonlight aurora over ski patrol building

moonlight aurora over ski land chair lift