Brrr it is cold here in Fairbanks. They said on the news tonight that they recorded -53F at the airport this morning here in Fairbanks! Today I decided to take some time and look at some of my archived video footage. I was able to discover the earliest recorded aurora that I have ever seen. July 11th 2011 was the date. It is common to hear of the aurora in August. Not so common to hear of it in July. At some point here in the next few weeks I plan on making a few videos from this footage for the site.

  Today was also "Operation Router Rescue" I run a very extensive network on the hill. The network includes my webcams, Mt. Aurora Fairbanks creek lodge, my mom and dads old house and Skiland. My current network has 2 routers, 6 access points, 5 large wifi antennas, one IP camera, 2 wifi networks and about 10 computers. Over the years I have gathered up a bunch of routers and access points that refuse to work properly. Today I made a last ditch effort to restore as many as I could for future failure replacements. Below is a few photos of my router operations. I'm using Linux ubuntu to try to restore the firmware via tftp. More news to come soon. -Troy



Troy - Fri 3 Apr - 21:52

on i can see the very tip of the tree on lower right

Troy - Fri 3 Apr - 21:51

pretty heavy snow predicted tonight. I don't think there will be much to look at.

Troy - Wed 1 Apr - 20:03

almost forgot to restart it :@ sorry guys. its back online now.

Troy - Wed 1 Apr - 14:25

Restarting the live camera

yogisworld - Sun 29 Mar - 04:14

Simply stunning. Thank you Troy for being able to watch something so beautiful.

Troy - Sun 29 Mar - 00:21

wow the aurora is doing awesome tonight

AKPaeony - Sat 28 Mar - 22:47

The original video is 56 MB in case you want that version?

Troy - Sat 28 Mar - 13:22

The video does indeed look like a Raven. Im going to see if i can post it so everyone else can look at it if they want.

AKPaeony - Fri 27 Mar - 23:29

I don't know? The head was too small for a owl and too spastic where it didn't stop moving. (I've sent Troy to video I look of my computer screen)

Troy - Thu 26 Mar - 23:06

Could’ve been a owl.

Troy - Thu 26 Mar - 23:05

Not likely a Raven at 2:30am. Ravens roost together in a tree at night. Last year I had a pet fox that would hang around when I went up to the camera. Or could be a person. If it’s a person they normally have a light.

AKPaeony - Thu 26 Mar - 03:16

it's a Raven sitting in the same spot trying to spot food running by. Hope it's finds something.

AKPaeony - Thu 26 Mar - 02:39

Either there was a Raven by the camera or a person? Time 2:38 am?

Myra - Sun 22 Mar - 02:14

Oh so pretty love the colors

MikeShow - Thu 19 Mar - 13:13

Thanks Troy.

Troy - Thu 19 Mar - 12:20

Just restarted the server. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. This weekend I plan in testing some software/ hardware for the webcam. I’ll let you know before I make changes.

Troy - Mon 9 Mar - 20:59

I cleaned off the camera and now it’s snowing again

Troy - Tue 3 Mar - 20:53

ok. everything is back to normal. I will mess more with it at a later date.

Troy - Tue 3 Mar - 20:24

well unless the aurora comes out. Then ill just leave it

Troy - Tue 3 Mar - 20:24

camera is back on. after the kids go to bed im going to mess with the settings some more.

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