Brrr it is cold here in Fairbanks. They said on the news tonight that they recorded -53F at the airport this morning here in Fairbanks! Today I decided to take some time and look at some of my archived video footage. I was able to discover the earliest recorded aurora that I have ever seen. July 11th 2011 was the date. It is common to hear of the aurora in August. Not so common to hear of it in July. At some point here in the next few weeks I plan on making a few videos from this footage for the site.

  Today was also "Operation Router Rescue" I run a very extensive network on the hill. The network includes my webcams, Mt. Aurora Fairbanks creek lodge, my mom and dads old house and Skiland. My current network has 2 routers, 6 access points, 5 large wifi antennas, one IP camera, 2 wifi networks and about 10 computers. Over the years I have gathered up a bunch of routers and access points that refuse to work properly. Today I made a last ditch effort to restore as many as I could for future failure replacements. Below is a few photos of my router operations. I'm using Linux ubuntu to try to restore the firmware via tftp. More news to come soon. -Troy



Troy - Sun 13 Jun - 12:22

Due to almost 24 hour daylight the chance to see the aurora is slim to none until sometime in August. I will try to keep the cameras going through the summer. Currently I’m having a issue with my internet. So the live camera is offline.

Myra - Thu 6 May - 16:34

Thanks Troy

Troy - Thu 6 May - 10:38

Going to restart the streaming sever after work. Should be on before dark.

AKPaeony - Sat 1 May - 21:33

Can see again thanks Troy.

MikeShow - Sat 1 May - 20:32

Looking good with me. Thanks Troy.

Troy - Sat 1 May - 19:55

let me know how it’s working for you?

Troy - Sat 1 May - 19:54

I was able to get some temporary internet going. I’m not sure how stable this will be. I will check on the cameras soon to see if they are still going. I will update here if something happens again.

Myra - Sat 1 May - 16:18

Ok Thanks

Troy - Sat 1 May - 12:24

Heading up to the camera site today to try to get some type of temporary network installed enough to run the cameras.

Troy - Thu 29 Apr - 20:16

2” of snow forecast tomorrow. Still no word from ISP. I’m calling around for another. I can’t go with the new one I just called as I need to install a new service pole.

AKPaeony - Wed 28 Apr - 23:58

Troy, it looks like you've tried your best and I'm certain that you'll find a solution. Be thankful that most people are busy diverting water and the sky hasn't been that active with a full moon and longer day light. 4 ' of snow = problems :)

Troy - Tue 27 Apr - 15:14

No reply from ISP (Internet service provider) Trying to find backup or alternate. This could take days. I will post more when I get some answers. I’m sorry everyone.

Troy - Sun 25 Apr - 20:39

Internet is still out at the camera site. I’ve tried to call tech support. No reply. Hopefully since tomorrow is Monday I can get it going again and back online. Otherwise I’ll need to find a new internet company. Sorry everyone.

Troy - Sat 24 Apr - 22:05

I'll try to go out and point it at some aurora later

Troy - Sat 24 Apr - 22:03

Currently running a setup from home since internet is down at the cam site

Troy - Sat 24 Apr - 22:01

For some reason the internet is down at the camera site. I’m not sure how well this is going to work.

Troy - Sat 24 Apr - 12:21

Live cam is offline for a few. I’ll get it going before it gets dark

Troy - Tue 20 Apr - 21:15

Ok it’s going. I’m going to walk away.

Troy - Tue 20 Apr - 19:35

i broke it. ill have to go up and restart it again

Troy - Tue 20 Apr - 19:14

still playing with there server. its offline for a few mins

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