Brrr it is cold here in Fairbanks. They said on the news tonight that they recorded -53F at the airport this morning here in Fairbanks! Today I decided to take some time and look at some of my archived video footage. I was able to discover the earliest recorded aurora that I have ever seen. July 11th 2011 was the date. It is common to hear of the aurora in August. Not so common to hear of it in July. At some point here in the next few weeks I plan on making a few videos from this footage for the site.

  Today was also "Operation Router Rescue" I run a very extensive network on the hill. The network includes my webcams, Mt. Aurora Fairbanks creek lodge, my mom and dads old house and Skiland. My current network has 2 routers, 6 access points, 5 large wifi antennas, one IP camera, 2 wifi networks and about 10 computers. Over the years I have gathered up a bunch of routers and access points that refuse to work properly. Today I made a last ditch effort to restore as many as I could for future failure replacements. Below is a few photos of my router operations. I'm using Linux ubuntu to try to restore the firmware via tftp. More news to come soon. -Troy



Troy - Wed 14 Apr - 23:10

Camera is working again. For some reason it kept turning off and resetting. If you notice that the cameras are not working please email me and I will look into it. It will probably be faster then having me check the chat.

AKPaeony - Wed 14 Apr - 02:12

Anj I can't see the live camera either for the time frame you indicated? Use the other camera until it gets fixed.

Anj - Tue 13 Apr - 01:17

The camera is still static, can this please be looked at?

Anj - Wed 7 Apr - 03:50

Live Aurora Cam is not working at all now!

Anj - Wed 7 Apr - 01:55

Hello. The camera is not working like a webcam btu rather like a stills cam. I have to pause and press play for it to update? Can this please be looked at?

AKPaeony - Fri 19 Mar - 22:28

Wow I see purple on the screen but looking out I barley see green. Must be mainly over Fairbanks.

AKPaeony - Sat 13 Mar - 00:27

A good sign, vertical aurora which means area wide in the Interior of AK.

CJS - Fri 12 Mar - 02:23

Looks like it has been quite a night up there!

Troy - Sat 6 Mar - 16:29

Not sure what happened. I just restarted the camera server. Hope that fixes it. I’ll check back later tonight to see.

george2624 - Thu 4 Mar - 06:28

Is it just cloudy?

snorey - Thu 4 Mar - 04:49

What is going on with the web cam ?

CJS - Sun 21 Feb - 18:34

Also love twilight time

CJS - Sun 21 Feb - 06:50

In addition to the lights, love watching the moon set.

yogisworld - Sun 21 Feb - 05:09


Myra - Sat 20 Feb - 05:21


AKPaeony - Mon 15 Feb - 01:23

I think if I were in Nenana right now I would be in awe!!!

AKPaeony - Mon 15 Feb - 01:17

The stars!!! It's so clear and I see red!

Myra - Sat 13 Feb - 04:10

So pretty love the colors

arcticamy - Fri 12 Feb - 20:58

looks like a bit of traffic tonight up there.

george2624 - Thu 11 Feb - 19:06

Pretty sky!

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