This is a reminder about the new webcam setup.  You will need Adobe Flash Player in order to view the webcam. This is a change from before when the camera was ran off of windows media.  You can click this link here to test your computer to see if you have Adobe Flash Player installed correctly.

 Some people are reporting problems logging into the site.  This can normally be fixed by clearing your browsers cache and deleting your cookies.  If you do not know how to do these steps you can E-mail me for support or you can try your hand at google. 

 I have also had some issues with some of the original members for the site.  If your billing statement says $20.00 a year and not $19.99 you are the people I'm talking about.  Since I made the mistake of changing the billing to $19.99 a year those people that already paid $20.00 a year have to be updated manually after their account expires.  Though it sounds like an easy fix to change it back I cannot change it back to $20.00.  This is due to the fact PayPal's subscription goes into your personal PayPal account.  Here is the good news.  If you are paying $20.00 a year and your account does not update. Please look in the forums for the fix.  -Fix Link-

Any questions, comments, ideas always welcome. -Troy

MikeShow - Fri 27 Nov - 02:02

Same here Judith.

judithduft - Thu 26 Nov - 21:13

Stream unavailable tonight?

Myra - Sun 22 Nov - 17:44

Pretty sky

MikeShow - Sat 21 Nov - 08:05

It’s back now.

MikeShow - Sat 21 Nov - 07:06

I’ve lost the stream now. Anyone else the same?

george2624 - Sat 21 Nov - 06:49

Thanks Troy! Live cam looks perfect again!

Anj - Sat 21 Nov - 05:51

Thanks Troy!

Myra - Sat 21 Nov - 04:13


AKPaeony - Fri 20 Nov - 23:16

Thanks, glad you had a back camera, much better.

Anj - Fri 20 Nov - 22:46

YAY!!! Thanks Troy!

Troy - Fri 20 Nov - 21:56

ok everything is back to normal. I'll do some more testing on the new system.

Troy - Fri 20 Nov - 21:54

ok changing back to the old camera. I'll work on the new one some more. I thought the quality would be better.

AKPaeony - Thu 19 Nov - 20:35

Then again the free feed is better.

AKPaeony - Thu 19 Nov - 20:11

Yes, finally not 2 in the morning! I put the live feed at full screen last night and the picture was a little better. Should be a good night.

george2624 - Thu 19 Nov - 19:02

I'm sure Troy would fix it when he knows what's going on.

Anj - Thu 19 Nov - 18:15

But we pay an annual fee for the live webcam?

george2624 - Thu 19 Nov - 18:14

Looks like it will be an active night. The live cam still doesn't look right, so will be watching the free cam.

Myra - Thu 19 Nov - 03:15

Working for me

Anj - Thu 19 Nov - 00:00

Could the camera please be checked at your earliest convenience. The free cam and live cam used to have a similar image and quality, he live cam is now not watchable.

AKPaeony - Wed 18 Nov - 01:54

yes very noisy.

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